Freever is the messaging application that doubles your privacy. The trick is very simple: only you know how many levels you have. And with your passwords, you have access to anywhere you want.


Everyone wants privacy!


- iOS and Android
- Push Notifications
- Apache Cordova
- MongoDB

Freever – iOS & Android App

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What is Freever?

Freever is a new way to keep your conversations private. It is based on multi layers accounts, which prevents access from people you don’t want.

The challenge:

The challenge was to keep a simple user interface and not leave any trace of the multi layer accounts to prevent unwanted access.

The idea:

Build all the platform on a Cross Platform Technology in order to improve the development time and release for both stores: iTunes Store and Android Play.

What now?

We are working on many tech improvements on the UI to make it even simpler and also adding more security features to make Freever the chosen App for privacy purposes.

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GO TO POSTFreever – iOS & Android App

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Freever – iOS & Android App
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